How to get appointment on Vellore Hospital

You can appoint online or offline. I think online appointment is best way because if you do appointment in offline mode, you have to stay there long days and this very costly. How to get appointment on Vellore Hospital(online) Visit and fill the details of you and your type of illness. Make payment and choose department and doctor. There are two types of appointment one is Private Appointment (senior doctor) another is General appointment Junior Doctor). How to get appointment on Vellore Hospital(offline) When you enter main gate of Vellore Hospital, you will find “Silver Gate For New Appointment” go there and tell your problem and get appointment.

What is CRISS CARD of Vellore Hospital?

CRISS CARD is used to payment on hospital. If you have this card, you not have to stand long line for payment because card payment counters has every where in hospital.

How to get CRISS CARD of Vellore Hospital?

You tell your Hospital No or Patient Id on counter no 402 and get your Criss Card. You can transfer your money to Criss Card by online money transfer or from ATM.

Where you stay on Vellore Hospital

There are many Hotels available near Vellore Hospital from Rs.300 to Rs.2000. See some hotels from NEED82

Vellore CMC hospital from Kolkata

There are several options to go Vellore CMC hospital. You can use train or air. If you want to use flight then you have to reach Chennai airport. From Chennai you will take taxi for Vellore CMC Hospital. Nearest railway station of Vellore CMC hospital is Katpadi.

How to go Vellore CMC Hospital by train

You have to reach Katpadi railway station to go vellore CMC Hospital. Katpadi railway station is a nearest railway station of Vellore CMC hospital. From this station you will take Auto- Rickshaw for Rs.70 to Rs.100 or you can use share Auto- Rickshaw for Rs.15 to Rs.20 per head. There is also private bus service to reach CMC hospital from Katpadi station for Rs.5 to Rs.10 per head. If it is not possible for you to reach Katpadi station directly you also can reach CMC Vellore Hospital from Chennai. Distance between Vellore and Katpadi is 8 km. Note: All mention fares may be increased.

How to reach Vellore CMC Hospital from Chennai

Distance between Katpadi and Chennai is 108 km. To reach Katpadi from Chennai take train from Chennai Railway station for Katpadi. It will take 2 hours’ time to reach Katpadi station.

Kolkata(Howrah) to Vellore (Katpadi) trains

1.12510/Guwahati-Bangalore (Kaziranga) SF Express.

Departs at 01:05(M T W) and Arrives @ 06:50 +1 night.

2. 12508/Guwahati – Trivandrum Express.

Departs @ 01:05 (Saturday) and Arrives @ 06:50 +1 night.

3. 12516/Guwahati-Trivandrum Central Express.

4. 15902/Dibrugarh–Bangalore Weekly Express.

5. 02863/Howrah – Yesvantpur AC Premium Special.

6. 02851/Santragachi – Ernakulam Weekly Special.

7. 22851/Santragachi – Mangalore (Vivek) Express.

8. 22817/Howrah-Mysore Weekly SF Express.

9. 12863/Howrah-Yesvantpur SF Express.

10. 16324/Shalimar – Trivandrum Central Express.

11. 22642/Shalimar – Trivandrum Central SF Express.

12. 12660/Shalimar-Nagercoil Gurudev Express.

13. 12867/Howrah-Puducherry (Aurobindo) Express.

14. 15228/Muzaffarpur-Yesvantpur Weekly Express.

15. 12254/Anga SF Express.

Note : Howrah railway station code is HWH and Katpadi station code is KPD.

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